Exhibitions featuring MAMAGREEN™

Spoga Gafa, Cologne
Next Spoga Trade fair: 3rd to 5th of September, 2017.
A shared passion for exquisite furniture, is the reason MAMAGREEN loves attending exhibitions.
Meeting our customers and receiving their feedback, gives us an inspirational kick that is imperative, in order to grow and develop as a company.
The ingenuity needed to create innovative award worthy furniture, is what we live and breathe for.
Come visit us at Spoga Gafa in Cologne, Germany in 2017.

Casual Market, Chicago
Next Casual Market Chicago: 12th to 15th of September, 2017.
Casual Market Chicago is a superb place for sharing the enthusiasm for superior and inventive outdoor furniture, as it boasts of the biggest selection of Outdoor furniture under one roof.
MAMAGREEN has proudly won design excellence awards, at the Casual Market 2 years running.
If you wish to see our masterly designs for yourself, MAMAGREEN has a permanent showroom on the 15th floor of The Merchandise Mart.
We would love to show you all of our exciting design and color schemes. Feel free to stop by anytime.

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